Static IP addresses
for outbound requests

  • High availability, high redundancy & low latency
  • Versatile features - HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS5
  • 60 second setup & extensive documentation
  • Best in-class support

Trusted by over 5,000 businesses and developers

The best static IP solution for Heroku

High redundancy. Low latency.

Each customer is assigned to a load-balanced, high availability cluster. This allows us to maximize uptime and intellegently distribute traffic.


Fixie offers both HTTP and SOCKS proxies. So send your HTTP/S requests or TCP connections (like database connections, FTP and SSH) - we support it all.

Best In Class

We've helped thousands of customers successfully implement Fixie across many languages and use cases. We‘re here to help!


Fixie provides you with a standard Proxy URL, so it is easy to integrate with your codebase, regardless of your language/framework choice.

Over 50 example integrations for the most popular languages

JavaScript, Java, Ruby, Python, and many more.


  • curl --proxy

Getting Started with Fixie HTTP/S

Fixie's HTTP proxy supports HTTP requests and secure HTTPS requests via an HTTP tunnel. Fixie's HTTP proxy is standards-compliant and is natively supported by request libraries for every popular language. Here is how to get running:
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Getting Started with Fixie SOCKS

Fixie Socks provides a standard SOCKS5 proxy. Fixie Socks can be used to establish lower-level TCP connections. Common use cases include database connections, SSH, and FTP via your static Fixie IPs.
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  • curl --socks5-hostname