Static IP addresses for outbound requests from

  • Make requests from Render to APIs and services that require IP whitelisting
  • Dedicated Render documentation to help get started
  • Proxy any TCP connection
  • Compatible with all popular languages and frameworks
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About Fixie

Fixie provides static IP addresses for outbound HTTP and HTTPS requests, as well as SOCKS proxies through which you can establish any TCP connection.

  • High availability, high redundancy & low latency
  • Versatile features - HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS5
  • 60 second setup & extensive documentation
  • Best in-class support

Using Fixie with Render

Fixie makes it simple to integrate with any app hosted on Render. For onboarding help, Fixie offers documentation for obtaining static IPs on Render.

Use the Fixie dashboard to set up a Fixie proxy for your new project. Then, configure the FIXIE_URL or FIXIE_SOCKS_HOST environment variable in your app by following the documentation.

To sign up, complete the form at the top of this page and follow the instructions after the redirect.

The best static IP solution for Heroku, Vercel,, Render, Koyeb, and Serverless Environments

High redundancy. Low latency.

Each customer is assigned to a load-balanced, high availability cluster. This allows us to maximize uptime and intelligently distribute traffic.


Fixie offers both HTTP and SOCKS proxies. So send your HTTP/S requests or TCP connections (like database connections, FTP and SSH) - we support it all.

Best In Class

We've helped thousands of customers successfully implement Fixie across many languages and use cases. We're here to help!


Fixie provides you with a standard Proxy URL, so it is easy to integrate with your codebase, regardless of your language/framework choice.

Over 50 example integrations for the most popular languages

JavaScript, Java, Ruby, Python, and many more.