Static IPs for Heroku Apps

About Fixie

Fixie has provided static IPs to Heroku customers since 2015. We operate two Heroku addons: one provides fixed IP addresses for HTTP/HTTPs requests, and the other provides a SOCKSv5 proxy through which you can establish any TCP connection from a static IP.

Fixie HTTP/S

The Fixie Heroku addon provides static IP addresses for outbound HTTP and HTTPS requests. It is a standard HTTP proxy and is supported by nearly every language and library out-of-the box.

We recommend using the Fixie addon for requests to third-party APIs and webservices that do IP whitelisting.

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Fixie Socks

The Fixie Socks Heroku addon provides a standard SOCKSv5 proxy. You can use this proxy to establish any TCP connection, including connections to databases and SFTP servers.

While SOCKSv5 proxies are compatible with every remote (eg. it works with every kind of database and server), support on the client side varies by language and library. To address this, Fixie also provides an optional library called fixie-wrench which forwards a local port on your Heroku dyno to your remote through Fixie Socks.

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