Using Fixie with curl and other command line tools


Curl is a popular command line tool for making HTTP and HTTPS requests and otherwise transferring data using URLs. Curl is a great way to try Fixie and establish a connection to your remote host, before writing any code.

Curl supports both Fixie HTTP proxies and Fixie SOCKS proxies.

Using an Fixie HTTP proxy:

curl --proxy $FIXIE_URL

Or, equivalently, using a SOCKSv5 proxy:

curl --socks5-hostname $FIXIE_SOCKS_HOST

Curl can also be used for non-HTTP/S use cases, like FTP:

curl -v '' --socks5-hostname $FIXIE_SOCKS_IP_SPECIFIC_URL


SSH and SCP accept a ProxyCommand option. Using this option, you can pass in an ncat command that establishes a connection via the Fixie Socks proxy. This requires ncat v7 or newer.

Ncat does not accept proxy authentication via the standard proxy url schema, so instead you must provide it as a separate argument:

ssh -o ProxyCommand='ncat --proxy-type socks5 --proxy --proxy-auth fixie:YOUR-FIXIE-SOCKS-TOKEN %h %p' serveruser@server.ip.address

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